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JOHANNESBURG – August 4, 2015

Yamaha Music South Africa is proud to announce the addition of multi award winning actor and pianist, Jonathan Roxmouth, to the South African family of distinguished YAMAHA piano artists.  Roxmouth has chosen the YAMAHA brand of instrumentation by means of musical partnership with the brand’s range of premium quality grand pianos, namely the YAMAHA GC2.

“The piano has been a huge part of my career so far and so I have played on my fair share of instruments across the country. YAMAHA Grand Pianos have always been superior to play in terms of action of the mechanics themselves as well as the quality of the sound produced. Whether I have performed on them in theatre productions such as CALL ME LEE or A HANDFUL OF KEYS or having been accompanied on them in shows like STAGE BY STAGE, I have always chosen and preferred YAMAHA. To be associated with a power brand like YAMAHA is a responsibility I do not take lightly. Their instruments continually challenge you to be a better pianist and artist.” says Jonathan.

YAMAHA has proud distinction as one of the most recognized brands of premium quality musical instrumentation and is pleased to associate itself with a roster of local and international music stars to promote music awareness, education, as well as underscore the breadth and quality of the Yamaha brand.

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